I’m from the ATL, am ride or die for Savannah and live to connect to others. I put my family first, love my UGA man and have one demanding fur baby named Diva. I try to channel my inner Beyonce on a regular basis! I tune out the world with good music, I have packed on pounds because of the amazing food in Savannah but I’m a mean cook too! I consider shopping and looking for sales a sport.My go to fashion is a good dress and a Kate Spade bag. I binge watch “Power”, “Wags”, “The Kardashians” and anything about Suge Knight. I think Tupac’s lyrics saved my life and I am a pusher for southern Hip Hop! When you see me out please stop me to say hi and give me a hug I need your energy. Keep up with me @MiaontheRadio on Instagram & Twitter!