Leave the Cookie Dough alone!!! Remember mom telling you not to eat the cookie dough!!!! Dough Savannah in Oglethorpe Mall is changing all the rules. They aren't just telling you to eat the Cookie Dough they also have over 12 d ifferent cookie dough flavors for you to try. It's the ultimate after school snack and a great way to treat the kids, big and small! Opening in the Food Court at Oglethorpe Mall. Savannah's first edible Cookie Dough Shop. Try their famous chocolate chip, cake batter, cookies n cream, s',mores, to name a few. W ant to make this sweet treat better add a Belgian waffle cone or homemade marshmallow, and hot chocolate. If cookie dough doesn't float your boat. Dough Savannah spins freshly made Gourmet cotton candy in over 50 different flavors. G luten-Free, Vegan and melt-in-your mouth delicious. Dough Savannah sells their famous cookie dough fudge, cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, and cookie monster freak shakes! Dough Savannah in the Food Court at Ogelthorpe Mall! You don't need a lot of dough to enjoy Dough Savannah. The sweet treat that's fune and safe to eat!